Monday, February 25, 2013

Investigating Acanac 8-Day Internet Outage - February 2013

As mentioned in my previous post there was an Acanac/Distributel cable internet outage lasting 8-days from February 7-14, 2013. Since I don't really know the cause for the issue or why it took an "excessive" amount of time, I've sent the email below to try and get some answers.

In the grand scheme of things an 8-day internet outage is not a very big deal. I'd still like to have some explanation of what happened and why.

Email below sent to Acanac Support on February 25, 2013

Dear Acanac Management,

We are an Acanac customer located in the west end of downtown Toronto. Our cable internet went down on February 7th, 2013 and wasn’t fixed until February 14th, 2013 (I noticed it was working at about 3pm, after resetting the modem).

An 8 day outage seems quite excessive and makes me think that:

  • Rogers is taking an extraordinarily long time to fix their network issues and/or -
  • Acanac is taking a long time to fix issues

For my own piece of mind and for the others I will share your response with, could you please let me know:

1. What happened and why it took so long to fix our internet?
2. Since we are dealing with you rather than Rogers, do we get a slower response time when issues occur?

I doubt you’re happy with the situation also. I appreciate third-party internet providers and we have certainly saved money dealing with you. However I’d like to know more of the facts and reasoning behind this service interruption. I haven’t heard of an 8-day outage happening now or in the past for Rogers customers. I’d like to know what is different with your company.

I know at one point during the outage there was an outage in London due to a transport truck hitting some of the network infrastructure, but that wasn’t the cause of our issue as it occurred after our problems started, and was fixed before our outage was fixed.

Also dealing with your company during the outage was a bit of an adventure, but I’ll send you my comments (and suggested improvements) on that later.

Acanac Cable Customer

I'm currently awaiting a reply from Acanac.